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Daniel Frankel

Just like any modern day city dweller I can well and truly appreciate the stresses of daily life and how easy it is to be too busy and lose touch with one’s core. I believe bodywork and self care help to restore your connection with yourself, by working on your body’s natural rhythm and by providing holistic care with complete client focus for an extended period. 

I am a graduate of

The Australian Shiatsu College 2010

Dr Manaka Protocols 2012 taught by Paul Movsessian

The Blisstitute of Living Aloha 2019

In the Australian Shiatsu College I was trained in various therapeutic techniques,  Traditional Chinese Medicine Theory and acupoint theory (Tsubo). In my practice I employ my knowledge of acupoints throughout the body and use different techniques to activate them and restore a more balanced state. After many years of practice I find that bodywork is beneficial in so many ways, for example: circulation and mobility issues, fascia release, finding a sense of grounding and physical/emotional recalibration and most importantly when bodywork is used as a regular health maintenance tool it can assist in preventing health issues from arising.

Sessions may be a different experience for each person depending on their needs. They can be very active and involve client participation for stretches or tension release, classical style, zen style, and then a treatment could also be just intuitive flow, following the bodies tension and instruction using a whole range of techniques from holding, stretching, meridian manipulating and sometimes some gentle breathing guidance.  It really all depends on what the goal of the client is.

I am a member of the Shiatsu Therapists Association of Australia whose function is to ensure high standards of practice in this field, including compliance with high standards of client focused professional and ethical behaviour.


Nicole Lawther

Through my own experiences, I’ve learned what a delicate balance a happy and healthy life can be. Prioritising self-care and understanding became a priority as I struggled with certain aspects of life, became ill and was dealing with grief. Bodywork has reconnected me with my physical and emotional self, and allows me to share that connection with others. 

I love being truly present for my clients during a treatment. It is like a form of meditation and unconditional love that benefits both the giver and receiver. I find this work incredibly creative, energising and fulfilling. I regularly give and receive massages with other bodyworkers to maintain my own mind body connection, and professional development.

I started my massage journey 2 years ago, after visiting Hawaii. I have been seeing clients regularly since and have the following qualifications:

Ka Huna 1 & 2 ‘Bodywork’, Mette’s Institute

Ka Huna 3 ‘Advanced Bodywork’, Mette’s Institute

Ka Huna 4 ‘Rites of Passage’, Mette’s Institute

Ka Huna 5 ‘Initiation & Integration’, Mette’s Institute

Heartworks Lomi Lomi 1, Carita Bodywork and Mette’s Institute

Heartworks Lomi Lomi 2, Carita Bodywork and Mette’s Institute

Along with the basic Ka Huna and Lomi Lomi massage techniques, I’ve been trained in meridian work, deep tissue and trigger point massage, stomach and deep stomach massage, deep facial massage, pregnancy massage, hot stones, incorporating the elements and body reading. 

Each bodywork session will vary depending on the needs and goals of the client. These are discussed at the start of the appointment, and the treatment style will be adapted accordingly. This may include tempo, areas of focus, level of pressure, music choice, breath work & sequence. Every body is unique, and every treatment is unique. I look forward to creating a safe space for you to go on your massage journey.