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Founder of Melbourne Shiatsu and senior practitioner of Shiatsu & oriental therapies, Lomilomi and intuitive Oil based fusion massage.

Dan Frankel  He/Him
Just like any modern day city dweller I can well and truly appreciate the stresses of daily life and how easy it is to be too busy and lose touch with one’s core. I believe bodywork and self-care help to restore your connection with yourself, by working on your body’s natural rhythm and by providing holistic care with complete client focus for an extended period. 
I am a graduate of
The Australian Shiatsu College Zen Shiatsu studies 2004 and full diploma 2010
Dr Manaka Protocols 2012 taught by Paul Movsessian
The Blisstitute of Living Aloha 2019
Continued studies in trauma informed bodywork with Science Of Touch  as well as on going professional development requirements yearly.

In the Australian Shiatsu College I was trained in various therapeutic techniques,  Traditional Chinese Medicine Theory and acupoint theory (Tsubo). In my practice I employ my knowledge of acupoints throughout the body and use different techniques to restore a more balanced state of being. After many years of practice I find that bodywork is beneficial in so many ways, for example: circulation and mobility issues, fascia release, finding a sense of grounding and physical/emotional recalibration and most importantly when bodywork is used as a regular health maintenance tool it can assist in preventing health issues from arising.
Sessions may be a different experience for each person depending on their needs. They can be very active and involve client participation for stretches or tension release, classical style, Zen style, and then a treatment could also be just intuitive flow, following the bodies tension and instruction using a whole range of techniques from holding, stretching, meridian manipulating and sometimes some gentle breathing guidance.  It really all depends on what the goal of the client is.

I am a member of the Shiatsu Therapists Association of Australia whose function is to ensure high standards of practice in this field, including compliance with high standards of client focused professional and ethical behavior.  One requirement is to perform 20 hours per year of professional development which assures constant growth from the practitioner which only ads more value to the treatment quality.

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2/88 Rose St, Fitzroy VIC 3065, Australia

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