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Shiatsu is a clothed/covered form of bodywork done either on a futon on the floor or a low table.

The translation of "Shiatsu" is "Finger pressure". Shiatsu is not solely finger pressure though. The practitioner will also use palms, forearms, knees, feet, shins and thumbs.

By using Shiatsu on particular parts of the body, following meridian channel theory and pressure points along those channels, the practitioner aims to aid the body in rediscovering its natural energetic flow and therefore move back to a place of health and ease rather than dis-ease.

Shiatsu may assist in the prevention of a range of conditions such as gynaecological, digestive, headaches, muscle pain, stress, insomnia and many more.

When receiving Shiatsu it is beneficial to wear loose, comfortable natural fibre clothes so that there is no slipping or restriction with stretches or positions the body needs to be in for the practitioner to access the channel with ease.

A Shiatsu treatment most often runs for a minimum of an hour and is most commonly started on the back (yang) side of the body to help disperse tension and help the client destress before receiving work in the front (yin) side of the body.  At this point the practitioner often will work the tummy (hara) which can help guide the rest of the treatment based on where the tension sits within the hara. 

The practitioners intention when treating is to meet the tension in the body, this pressure can often be quite deep and therefore cause long lasting relief and moving tension that has been held for a while.  This can cause a state of calm and sometimes leave the receiver feeling quite energised for the day.  It all depends on why the body has been holding on to tension. 

Shiatsu is great for circulation and with circulation we bring healing properties held in the blood to areas the are in need. 

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Oriental therapy options below


Oriental Therapies


Cupping is a technique using glass cups that have been applied to the skin using fire or using a pump to create suction. The skin will raise and often be discoloured and/or bruised, this is a normal response that may last over a week. In this technique oil can be applied onto the skin.

Cupping is beneficial for releasing stagnation, fascial tension, muscle tension and a variety of other issues.

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Gua sha

Gua Sha also known as spooning or scraping is a technique where a tool such as a spoon, coin or specialised tool is used to scrap the skin and remove stagnation, break down tension and increase circulation. This technique may leave discolouration and/or bruising on the treated area; this is normal and may last over a week.

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Acupressure is used throughout shiatsu as well as on it's own. It is performed using finger pressure on meridian points along the channels of the body.

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The modalities of treatment I use are fully explained to and discussed with the client. No treatment is performed without the client’s consent.
Please give at least 24 hours notice for cancellation of an appointment or a 50% fee may apply