Melbourne Shiatsu Space Hire         

2/88 Rose St, Fitzroy 3065

3 room practice offering room hire for bodyworkers and healthcare practitioners.

Melbourne Shiatsu was established by Dan Frankel in Fitzroy in 2013 and Dan has over 12 years of experience as a bodyworker.  The community of Melbourne Shiatsu is a very special one.  People from all walks of life come to Melbourne Shiatsu so they can receive therapeutic experiences that can range from pain relief, a good cry, somewhere to feel safe to speak openly and without judgment or just to relax and reset.  It is very important that this space continues to provide a safe and inclusive culture. 




What are the spaces like and what is included?

There are 2 rooms available for hire on the second floor of the building.  1 room is 2.8m x 3m and has a little green house and a lot of natural light, especially in the afternoons, and the other room is 4.2m x 4m and has a big window that catches a great morning to midday sun.  Both rooms have built in storage.  There is floor boards in both rooms and down the hall in between them.  There is a large bathroom in between both rooms with toilet and handwashing facilities as well as a second hand washing section for staff in a hall cupboard where there is also a first aid kit and a fire extinguisher. There is a sonos speaker for use in both rooms.  Each room has Filtered water, internet access, desk with 2 chairs, massage table, oil bottle heater, a kettle that keeps water warm, some towels, ceiling fan air filters, disinfectant, hand sanitiser and a heater and a lamp for mood lighting.  

There is also a communal hangout area on the story above that has a small kitchenette with a little fridge, cups, glasses, cutlery, bowls, plates, microwave, large table, some chairs and a balcony with a great view and reverse cycle aircon.  Then above that there is a roof top terrace which makes for a great look out.  These spaces will also be shared with some local artists and are not for clients to use but as an escape between clients or for lunch breaks, etc… 

Hire also includes the use of the waiting room located on the ground floor of the building.  In the waiting room there is seating, sonos speaker, filtered water, tea and coffee facilities.


Can I have time before and after to set up?

The space hire time is inclusive of any time you require to set up and pack up before and after your session. You are responsible for cleaning up any spills or mess, and we require the room to be returned to the same condition as when you arrived. Please consider this when making your booking.


How much does it cost?

For the bigger room the rates are:

Full day (8am-10pm) $150incl GST all included (laundry and oil as well as space and all amenities), $130incl GST Basic (no laundry or oil provided).

Smaller room:  

Even though both rooms will have exactly the same amount of stuff it is the size that is different.  The big room just feels more delux.  So for the smaller room with no oil or laundry $120incl GST and with oil and laundry $135incl GST.

Half day same rate for both rooms. (8am-2:30pm or 2:30pm-10pm) $90incl GST all included (laundry and oil as well as space and all amenities), $70incl GST Basic (no laundry or oil provided).

Will I be promoted by Melbourne Shiatsu?

For long term hire there is the option to have a practitioner profile on the Melbourne Shiatsu web page, leave business cards in the waiting room and to have the booking link attached through the Melbourne Shiatsu web page.

What about client notes?

Client notes are the responsibility of the practitioner and are expected to be kept confidential and in locked storage or in a safe digital format.  Client notes can be stored on the house booking system and shared between practitioners who see the same client. Regular hire practitioners can store a lockable cabinet or something similar at Melbourne Shiatsu if they prefer paper notes.

Do I get to use the Melbourne Shiatsu point of sale?

Unless otherwise agreed it is expected that each practitioner bring their own point of sale device or at least have a Square Up account to log into as well as their own online Gift cards link if the practitioner wants people to be able to redeem gift cards. For the new practitioner that doesn't have their own POS here is a link that will give $1000 in free processing through Square up.

Can I rent it out long term or on a regular basis?

Yes,  availability dependent, the rooms can be hired on a regular basis.  Please feel free to discuss this with Dan Frankel once you have tried the space and feel you would like to use it regularly.

Do I have to be GST registered?

No, since each practitioner is dealing with their own point of sale, then GST registration is dependent on individual circumstances.

Is there HICAPS for use available?

No, at the point of writing this list there is not. Demand may change this so please feel free to discuss. Until then each practitioner will be expected to provide receipts to their clients with their provider numbers so the client can claim online.

What is your cancellation policy?

A minimum of 24 hours notice is required if you wish to cancel a casual room hire, otherwise the full hire fee applies.  Long term agreements will be different.  They will work as regular deductions and it is the responsibility of the renter to pay their regular instalments to keep the space.

What about covid?

It is expected that all practitioners who use the spaces follow what is mandated by the state around their circumstances and make active effort not to cause a covid outbreak at Melbourne Shiatsu. Rules may vary based on registration and or qualifications of each practitioner but at the point of writing this, as far as is understood, practitioners considered clinical who don't have mask exemptions are expected to wear masks and must be vaccinated, clients are not expected to wear masks or be vaccinated unless the practitioner is considered personal care but then the practitioner is only suggested to where a mask but must be vaccinated.  The rules change regularly and can be confusing.  It is the responsibility of the practitioner to know what the rules are for them.