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Can I claim on private health?

Sadly Shiatsu is not since April 1 2019 when 19 modalities were removed from the claimable list by the government.

If you come for TCM, Acupuncture ore remedial massage you can use your receipts to claim with your private health provider.


Is Shiatsu suitable in pregnancy?

Sure is. In fact it's great for assisting the body prepare for pregnancy, during pregnancy as well as induction of labor and postpartum care.

What should I wear for the bodywork? 

For Shiatsu wearing comfy clothes that you can be stretched in.  Yoga pants or flowy                                    natural fiber clothes are good choices.  For the oil bodywork and lomilomi you are not expected to wear anything but if you chose to you can wear underwear but make sure it is a pair you don't mind getting oily.  The practitioner will cover you with a sarong during the oil bodywork and lomilomi sessions and use this sarong to cover your back and front pelvic areas.  Some people will chose to have their chest covered also.  Out of respect for the individuals relationship with their body and how naked they feel comfortable with everything is negotiable within the client and practitioners boundaries.  The most important part of this work is to have a safe space for people to feel free to deeply relax or offload emotional tension in a judgment free zone.

How hot is the bath?  

In short the answer is HOT but it ranges between 38-42 degrees unless otherwise                  

requested to be cooler in advance.

What is the difference between the oil bodywork and lomilomi? 

The oil bodywork has a meridian focus and time spent on acupoints as well as body stretches like you get in shiatsu and it also includes lots of holding and long flowing body strokes wear as lomilomi doesn't have a meridian focus and is more long flowing strokes with hands and forearms.  The main differences are the intention of the practitioner.  Lomilomi is not about fixing issues or looking for issues but trusting the body to know best and be in the moment. Oil fusion is the same but is also about creating change through some muscle manipulation and meridian work.

Do I have a bath first or a bodywork session first?

Almost 100% of the time people have the bath first but that doesn't mean it can't be done the other way round.  the same amount of time gets allocated to the client  for both activities regardless of order.

Do I need to shower before coming in for bodywork?

It is highly recommended, and appreciated, especially if having oil body work styles to come in clean and in clean clothes.

Is this a sexual service?

No.  This is therapeutic bodywork. If there is something that needs a therapeutic conversation around sex and sexuality there will be no shaming but if that is the kind of bodywork you are seeking then where possible a referral can be provided to a sexological bodyworker.

Should you have anymore questions not listed above please get in touch using the chat box or got to the contact page.                    


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