Can I claim on private health?

Sadly not since April 1 2019 when 19 modalities were removed from the claimable list by the government.


Is Shiatsu suitable in pregnancy?

Sure is. In fact it's great for assisting the body prepare for pregnancy, during pregnancy as well as induction of labour and postpartum care.

What should I wear for the bodywork? 

For Shiatsu wearing comfy clothes that you can be stretched in.  Yoga pants or flowy                                    natural fibre clothes are good choices.  For the oil bodywork and lomilomi you are not expected to wear anything but if you chose to you can wear underwear but make sure it is a pair you don't mind getting oily.  The practitioner will cover you with a sarong during the oil bodywork and lomilomi sessions and use this sarong to cover your back and front pelvic areas.

How hot is the bath?  

In short the answer is HOT but it is about 38ish degrees unless otherwise                  

requested to be cooler in advance.

What is the difference between the oil bodywork and lomilomi? 

The oil bodywork has a meridian focus and time spent on acupoints like you get in shiatsu but as part of the oil work and lomilomi doesn't have a meridian focus and is more long flowing strokes with hands and forearms.

Do I have a bath first or a bodywork session first?

Almost 100% of the time people have the bath first but that doesn't mean it can't be done the other way round.  the same amount of time gets allocated to the client  for both activities regardless of order.

Should you have anymore questions not listed above please get in touch using the chat box or got to the contact page.                    


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