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Lawrence Maskill She/Her  (Shiatsu & Oriental therapies)

 I am a qualified Shiatsu and Oriental Therapies practitioner, and am completing a Diploma in Holistic Counselling. I am also certified in Ecotherapy and Equine Experiential Learning.

I believe that our mind, body and spirit are deeply integrated, and that our outer health is a direct manifestation of our inner health, which is intrinsically connected to the health of our environments.  If we look after our internal landscapes, our external landscapes benefit. If we look after our external landscapes, our internal landscapes bloom.

For me, Shiatsu provides a beautiful, nurturing and nourishing way to support our energetic, emotional and physical selves to flow and harmonise, reducing stress, tension, pain. My approach provides a deeply held, safe space for the body and mind to become quiet, calm and relaxed, facilitating the body’s access to its innate wisdom for health, wellbeing and resilience. When physical and emotional stress and pain are reduced, we can come back to ourselves, reconnecting with and integrating our whole being.

Modalities: Shiatsu (Zen, Barefoot & Sotai), gua sha, moxibustion.


I am a member of the Shiatsu Therapists Association of Australia, and am registered with International Institute of Complementary Therapist and Animal Therapies Ltd. 

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