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Dip. Shiatsu and Oriental Therapies, Grad. Dip (Counselling and Human Relations), Grad. Dip. (Movement and Dance)

Stephanie Francis (she/her)
Dip. of Shiatsu and Oriental Medicine, Grad. Dip. (Counselling & Human Relations), Grad. Dip. (Movement and Dance)
In the years I’ve been on this big spinning orb, I’ve been drawn to body-based expression and somatic therapy. I studied shiatsu – a Japanese body therapy - at the Australian Shiatsu College, where, in addition to learning shiatsu massage techniques, I learned about traditional Chinese
medicine (TCM) theory; anatomy and physiology; TCM diet principles; and acupressure.
After graduating in 2015, a ‘practice holiday’ in Japan at a live-in shiatsu/yoga camp gave me the sublime experience of bodywork, macrobiotic food and training. The felt sense of being equally calm
and dynamically alive is what I aspire to offer clients.
Shiatsu ‘massage’ is a form of deep listening and energetic exchange delivered mostly through the hands (although elbows and feet can also be used), using techniques such as acupressure, stretches
and pressure applied along the energy channels known as meridians. Shiatsu is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine principles. While it can certainly address physical symptoms like any massage technique - including tight shoulders and hips, headaches and digestive issues – shiatsu massage really comes into its own in addressing the underlying ‘whole person’ conditions that contribute to physical symptoms.
Clients receive shiatsu clothed, generally on a futon on the floor, but I can provide a treatment on a massage table if the floor futon is not comfortable for you.
As a qualified counsellor, I also offer talk therapy, either as a standalone session by arrangement, or as a complement to a shiatsu treatment. This gives you the opportunity to give voice to issues or insights that may have freshly risen to the surface of consciousness during the treatment.
Many experiences feed my practice as a shiatsu therapist, such as training in qi gong, dance therapy and Focusing, and personal practice of yoga and meditation. I look forward to treating you!

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2/88 Rose St, Fitzroy VIC 3065, Australia

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