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Alice Pace she/her

I move with the world having a background exploring movement and creative expression through visual art, pole dance, improvised movement and contact improvisation. These practices have supported the development of my self expression and deepened my sensitivity and intuition, which informs every aspect of my life and practice. 


My experiences have been accompanied by a curiosity for the human body, spiritual development, and how we relate with ourselves, others and the systems of nature. These elements entwine within a foundation of remedial and Lomilomi massage to form a deep and holistic practice that supports physical, emotional and energetic wellbeing. 


I meet all people with complete presence, compassion and aloha (unconditional love) to create a frame for each session that facilitates safety and collaboration, so you can be seen, held and have the space to gently reconnect to yourself. 


My intentions are to provide, intuitive and deeply nurturing touch that promotes the creation of space for free flowing movement and energy so you can receive insight from your body and spirit, develop deeper somatic and emotional awareness. Emerging into the world feeling supported, nourished, vibrant and deeply connected to your truth. 


I am a graduate of The Blisstitute of Living Aloha in 2022 as a student in Spiritual Hawaiian Lomilomi Massage, ACFB in 2019 completing a diploma of remedial massage. 


I currently have two offerings: 


Spiritual Hawaiian Lomilomi Massage 

Lomilomi is an ancient Hawaiian bodywork practice that works with the life force of the receiver to promote the restoration of balance; massage is one facet of this holistic practice. You can read more about the lineage of my teacher -  Lineage


This offering is best experienced allowing a minimum of 90min or 120min on the table.

Lomilomi is a full body (excluding genitals) oil based massage that utilises rhythmic and long flowing movements over and under the body, that facilitate the flow of energy through the receiver's body. 

The core of these sessions are built upon a foundation of aloha (unconditional love), deep presence, and reverence, which support people's journey through each session. During a session people often feel deeply relaxed, experience shifts and release of energy and emotion, experience a deep felt sense of connection to self and spirit, and emerge into the world feeling present, open, balanced and grounded in their truth. 


A session begins with a gentle check in, with the receiver sharing any insight on their physical, emotional and/or energetic state. This is also where we will discuss the parameters for the session, so that boundaries and needs are clear. Lomilomi is received on a massage table, undressed under a sheet which will be covering the receivers groin and midline of the buttocks. A pule (prayer) is used in the beginning and at times throughout the session, to support connection to spirit as well as the receiver, on their journey throughout the session. 

At the end of the massage the receiver is given time to relax, followed by a final check in before reemerging back into the world. 



Integrative bodywork

This offering is best experienced allowing 60min or 90min.

It is an offering dedicated to collaboratively exploring the patterns underlying specific symptoms you are experiencing. The session is informed by remedial, Lomilomi and other modalities I have explored, utilising movement, stretching, trigger point and myofascial release techniques to promote the self corrective mechanisms of our body to restore integrated function and resolve underlying patterns. These sessions are also complimented by ongoing support in the form of movement and breath explorations to develop somatic awareness, strength and mobility. 


This offering is ideal for people who live with chronic pain, headaches, chronic or acute injuries, hip/spine/shoulder tension, restriction in movement and breath. 


What will you take from an integrative bodywork session?

Nervous system regulation, insight into the patterns of your body, improved range of movement, ongoing support and a plan. A sense of grounding, spaciousness and balance.

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