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Private Bath

Bath session only bookable with Dan as practitioner

People have been soaking in hot water for generations from cultures all over the world. The Japanese have mastered the art in such a beautiful way and created such a lovely culture around bathing that goes back over a thousand years. 

Here at Melbourne Shiatsu we took inspiration from the Japanese when building our bath house. 

The hot deep water of a bath, and we do mean hot, also helps to prepare the mind and body to receive the full benefits of a body work session. It provides the opportunity for people to unplug from the world and give back to themselves.  This really adds another level to any kind of treatment being received.

You can come alone or bring a friend and can come in just for a bath or have a bath before your bodywork session. Ideally the bath would be coupled with a bodywork session.  If there are two of you the bodywork would be done in turns while the other soaked in the bath.

How it works:

First you enter into a private space where you get undressed and step into the wet room to have a pre bath shower, so as to not dirty your bath water, and then spend your time soaking and being still in the water.

You are free to get in and out, use the shower again or just stay the entire time soaking.  

Your time in the private space starts when you enter it and the practitioner leaves you.  

If you have booked for a bodywork session after the bath the practitioner will give you a reminder knock on the door about 10 minutes before your bodywork session starts.  Then you are expected to hop out and dry your body off,  get changed into the appropriate treatment attire or the robe provided and make your way to the treatment room where you and the practitioner will discuss your bodies needs from the treatment.

After your bodywork session you then return to the private space and get back into your everyday clothes and make your way back into the world only this time you are taking all the benefits of the experience with you.


Include a bath to your visit before your bodywork session

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