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Oil fusion Bodywork with Dan

This treatment modality is a fusion of Shiatsu, LomiLomi, oriental therapies and also taking inspiration from my other bodywork experiences and explorations. The outcome is a treatment style that is ideal for the individual who enjoys both the therapeutic benefits of Shiatsu (meridian massage) and oil based bodywork such as LomiLomi. 

I use a meridian focus mixed with intuitive listening and let all but intention melt away to just follow the body's all knowing self and aid to facilitate deep relaxation, release stubborn tension and sometimes even for some there can be a strong emotional release. 

My absolute priority is to create a safe space for clients to feel able to fully let go of whatever they might be holding on to internally and always work within the predetermined guidelines so the client can let go knowing they are held and supported free from judgment or expectation.  

This goes for any kind of bodywork I do, holding a safe space for a client to experience their session in a nurturing way should be paramount to any and all therapeutic modalities.

With this in mind, if someone comes to see me in clinic for oil based bodywork, we may have a longer discussion prior to the treatment to define the parameters, so as to achieve a better understanding of what is needed during and even after the session for an optimum sense of care.

The treatment starts on the client's back (yang) of the body to firstly release tension and relax, but also to give the body a chance to prepare for the more vulnerable front (yin) side of the body, where we often hold much emotional armour because we protect our organs and therefore our life force. Emotional and physical release can happen on both sides of the body and can happen more on one side than the other of course depending on what is presenting.

The body is very intelligent and interconnected in so many ways and on so many levels,  we should look at it in such a way.  

Once we understand the level of interconnection and communication within our body and psyche then we can really start to let things change and progress.

The treatment involves holding, sliding, stretching, pressure from elbows, hands, thumbs, knees and, if or when relevant, guided breathing, visualisation and some discussion.  ​ 

For this style of work it is recommended to book for an hour and a half minimum to get optimum results.

I am happy to answer any questions so don't hesitate to get in touch.

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Feel free to book online or contact me if you can't find the time you want.  

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I also have a variety of playlists if you would like to chose your own experience, otherwise feel free to leave it to me.  Playlist options here

It is important to state that this is strictly a non-sexual service. 


The modalities of treatment I use are fully explained to and discussed with the client. No treatment is performed without the client’s consent.
Please give at least 24 hours notice for cancellation of an appointment or a 50% fee may apply